Wet Willie’s is locally owned and operated. We pride ourselves on many things, but our people are at the heart of our success:


We are one big family. We have no contract technicians, only employees – the ones that have been personally-selected, highly-trained, are well-skilled, and uphold Our Mantra of TRUST, SERVICE, INTEGRITY, and SATISFACTION. Our People…and our finest asset.

is differentiated by its approach to the customer which is represented by its distinct pricing model, selective focus, and guarantee of satisfaction.


To maintain our above philosophy we operate with full transparency. We have NO HOURLY RATES!!

“Don’t get Soaked by paying hourly prices.”

That’s Right! You can CONTACT US for a full and complete price quote on almost any issue or problem. You won’t find us standing in and around your lawn for ninety-dollars an hour until the cows come home. WE PROMISE! Plus, in most cases, you’ll know what the price is before we even get there! Our inside associates can quote most of your work right over the phone. The best part is: We never begin any of our work until we have shown you zone by zone that the problem you described matches our quote. That way, all of our customers not only know what the problem is with their system, but most importantly, they know what the price is before we dig a single hole. Is something more in depth wrong with your sprinkler system or is it something you can’t describe to us, or just not sure? Contact one of our inside associates to arrange one of our knowledgeable technicians to come to your home and provide you a detailed  estimate in writing.  SAME DAY SERVICE!!


Residential Sprinkler Repair. That just about says it all. We are specialists. We do not trim trees, run gutters, provide landscaping, the lighting, the fencing, or install your pool. Our focus is on SPRINKLER REPAIR! Heads and nozzles – the latest and the best. Valves and pipe – the strongest and longest lasting. Leaks and pressure issues – the most efficient solutions. Locating valves, re-routing around pools, complete re-wiring, or foundation drip installation – the savings of time, and a flat fee. We know our focus, we take pride in it, and that helps you save.


Whether you choose to perform a simple diagnostic on your system, a complete overhaul including the latest precision “pressure sensor” heads and nozzles, or are in need of a more elaborate repair or installation; guarantees 100% satisfaction. Not only that! We provide a full 90 day Warranty, both on our parts and our already non-hourly labor.

We take pride in who answers your call.

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