Provides FULL SERVICE, REPAIR and/or INSTALLATION of the following:

  • Valve Replacement and/or Rebuilding Diaphragms within certain valve types
  • Controller Installation, Repair or Replacement
  • Install/Repair Flowerbed Drip Systems
  • Install/Repair Complete Foundation Drip Systems
  • Re-routing Heads or Entire Zones around Patios, Pools, Decks, and Fences
  • Install or Repair Rain/Freeze Sensors
  • Electronic Wire Tracing to Locate Buried Zone Valves and Locate/Repair Cut Wires
  • Solenoid Replacement
  • Replace missing or broken heads/Head Leaks
  • Tree Bubblers
  • Capping Lines and Capping Heads
  • Raising or Lowering of Heads
  • Install/Overhaul outdated Nozzles with Precision Nozzles
  • Individual Plant Pot-stickers and Lines
  • Repair cuts in Drip Lines
  • Install/Repair half or full Risers for Plants and Bedding including Shrub adapters
  • Locate and Repair Cracked or Broken Pipes – Leak Repair in all Residential Pipe Sizes
  • Install new Heads/Rotors
  • Straighten Leaning Heads
  • Re-wiring or Splicing of Controllers and/or Valves
  • Re-wiring Partial and/or Entire Irrigation Systems
  • Install/Add Zones to your existing Sprinkler System