Upgrade your residential irrigation system with the newest technology nozzles and return your investment in less than three Months. That’s Right! Retrofitting the nozzles attached to your sprinkler system heads and rotors will result in up to 35% savings to your bottom line. It’s proven; using these new technology nozzles bring substantial savings to your watering bill while at the same time improving the coverage area of each head or rotor. Cover more area and use less water doing so… A no brainer! It benefits not only our clients through savings, but also our environment – the savings of precious water here in Texas. Not only that, it changes the way your lawn is watered and how the precipitation is absorbed. Here is the proof:

These precision and/or rotating nozzles are manufactured with chip technology. They are “wind resistant”, and spray larger droplets. For larger rotor areas, they come with “rotating arcs”. All of these latest designs allow each spray head or rotor to use much less water by directing the water exactly where it is aimed, resulting in less time spent watering each zone. Here are the advantages to our clients:

  • Less runoff – these nozzles prevent unwanted runoff and the overlapping of already watered areas. This results in “coverage uniformity”. No dry spots, no puddles!
  • Precision – droplets are bigger and spray only where aimed. This provides much less water usage in each zone as the water is directed only where aimed and is wind resistant.
  • Slower precipitation rates – these nozzles actually change the way your lawn is watered and how the precipitation is absorbed into your lawn. Water is absorbed at the correct pace, allowing it to soak in to the roots of the grass slower and deeper. Rather than saturating the lawn, these nozzles provide more of a “cycle and soak” method.
  • Longer lasting – these nozzles limit clogging from dirt, rocks, mud and other debris.
  • Savings of Water and Money! – Watering time for each zone is substantially diminished. You water each zone for less time, using less water, but cover larger areas.

Are your sprinkler heads already sticking in the up position? If your lawn Company is mowing them right over, it’s probably a time for a change anyway. Let Sprinkler overhaul your heads or nozzles and provide you a healthier lawn, with the benefit of savings to your watering bill and your overall water usage. Both you and our Earth with thank you for it!

K-Rain Water Smart Technology

Toro Precision Nozzles for your spray head zones which include chip technology

MP Rotators for your rotor zones with a “rotating arc” allowing cycle and soak